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Talking About – Working From Home!


This may seem like a random post and you may feel like its going to be a rant about my job, how I don’t like this or that and many other things but in all honesty it is not this is a Job that is almost made for me, I get to work from home and I really enjoy it. It isn’t for everyone but they are Hiring right now.

As I am writing this my employer Sensée are looking to hire over 300 people across a number of contracts that they currently have, as part of that very large growth they have asked us as employees to reach out to our wider communities and talk about the job and how you can apply.

So Who are Sensée

Sensée are a Homeworking company. What does this mean? It means that most of their staff do not work from an office or a central location but from their own homes. Have you ever wished you can work from home? Well with Sensée you can just as I have been Since February of 2020.

With Sensée you are an EMPLOYEE, and I know this may seem like a weird thing to put in capital letters but when I was looking for these sorts of opportunities I came across a number of other “Work from Home” companies who work under a contractor or self employed basis. That means no employees rights, no sick pay, no holiday pay etc, I even saw one that charges you for the training required to do to the job.

With Sensée this isn’t true from the minute you start training you are paid the Real Living Wage. Once you have finished training you start to become eligible for incentives too. As an ethical organisation they only provide employment contracts with guaranteed hours. There are definitely no one-sided Zero-Hour contracts or Self-Employment rules that make life more complicated than it already is.

So What do I do with Sensée

I work on one of their many contracts, my role is with BUPA as a MSA (Member Services Advisor) this means that I take phone calls from members wanting to setup a Pre-Authorisation on the Medical Insurance Claim, or wish to query a claim that has already been made.

My role is demanding it requires a lot of different information, understating of basic medical terms and a good customer service mindset. However BUPA isn’t the only contract they have, they deal with everything from Track & Track, Breakdown Calls, Insurance Calls and More. Working with companies including Bupa, Allianz, Northumbrian Water, Staysure and L&G. 

What is working from home like?

Working from home is awesome for the right person with the right mentality. If you think working from home means you can spend the work day in your PJs if you see fit, your right though be aware meetings will likely be on webcam. If you think working from home means you don’t need to spend 20-30min in traffic every morning, your right but don’t think you can just roll out of bed 5min before work as you will need to log-in and setup your systems. This used to take me 20min now I can do it in 10.

What you can’t do however is sit in your living room watching the TV, or have family in your office while you work. You will be working from home but it is still work, you still need a quiet and secluded office. A lot of Sensée work involves insurance, data protection, GDPR and often all of the above so when your working you need to be alone and distraction free.

What about he Hours?

This is both the best and worst part of the job and let me explain why.

FREEDOM :- So you book your own hours within the contracts times, on my contract we work any time between 8-8 Mon-Fri and 10-2 on a Sat so I can book hours between these hours, there are certain mandatory hours but they are spread across the month so I need to work 2hrs a month on a Saturday for example. For me this is much better than I had in previous jobs where I would get told my schedule often 1 week before.

FASTEST FINGER :- Though you can book what you want that is if you are fast enough, booking system is on fastest finger first, so there are a number of people required for each 30min slot if you are quick you will get exactly what you want happened to me more often than not, however if you are slower, forget or there are less hours that week you may not and you may end up working something else. As long as your flexible this wont bother you too much.

4 WEEKS AHEAD :- When booking we actually do so for 4 weeks ahead, so even if you don’t get the exact shifts you wanted that week you have 4 weeks notice of what you will be working, again better than the getting told what your working 1 week before.

There must be downsides right?

Yes of course there is, firstly home working isn’t for everyone, as I mentioned above if you are wanting to work from home because you can’t get to an office maybe a disability, traveling issues, location then its a great opportunity for you to work, however if you want to homework because you think it will be easier, that you can have a break whenever you feel like it or watch TV between work etc you not going to enjoy this.

Home working with Sensée is still a real job, you will need a secluded and quiet work space with a door you can close and you will need some basic equipment (This changes per contract but I needed a PC, 2 monitors, a corded landline and a headset).

As I alluded to above the hours booking being Fastest finger first can be a little annoying from time to time but they are working on a new system to make this better. In fact Sensée are working on a number of things right now to tackle the biggest challenges of Home Working with a recently launched Pilot called the Buddy Scheme and their Employee Assistance Program which offers 24/7 support with experts from Health Assured.

So How do I Apply?

To Apply you should head over to This Link which will identify that you were sent from me and go through the recruitment process. You will be asked to do some assessments and if you pass an interview will be arranged during that interview they will discuss which account they think would be the best fit for you, the next steps and if you are successful they will arrange a second interview with someone from that contract.

Don’t Just Take My Word for it.

Here is George a Home Based Team Leader at Sensée.


My Employer are hiring, if you are interested please apply through THIS LINK, it is an opportunity to work from home with a flexible working pattern.

If you are interested I wish you the best and please feel free to reach out to me here or my other socials if you have any further questions. You never know I may see you on Live Desk.

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