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Random Ramblings of a Potato Part 1

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Welcome back to my site, most of you coming here will know me already but let me give myself a quick introduction anyway. My name is Ceri but people pronounce that wrong all the time so I went with Cezz which people also pronounce wrong ALL the time. If you are wondering I am Welsh so the C is said like a K, Think Kerry and Kez not Seri and Says…

I am a Twitch Streamer, a Father of 3 and a Husband to the quite amazing TheMsRogue, I also work full time at home as a Member Services Rep. This job is fairly recent for me starting in February of 2021, for the past Decade I have been in Hospitality and Management, both in Restaurant and Takeaway Environments so a switch back to the sedentary lifestyle of office work has been a bit of a shock and the aspect of being at home… well that has been really strange.

New Job

As I am writing this I am still in my initial 10 weeks training period and that consists of Monday – Friday 9-5 with an hour lunch and 2 x 15min breaks, so my day to day routine at the moment is pretty fixed, I wake at 8am, get myself ready for work, take the very long commute down the stairs to my office where I open the curtains for some fresh sunlight, get myself comfy and get all my systems up and running. About 10:30am I get my first break and by then the rest of the house is also awake, I leave my office to an amazing breakfast made by the Beautiful Ms Rogue and get to see the whole family for 15min. Lunch is a similar routine but this time I get an hour, the first week or two just felt too long but as things have settled I am realising its just right with us often able to pop out to the shops, go for a walk or even take a risky danger nap.

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My mental health has never been better than it is now, I am not stressed about going to work, when I am on lunch or break or after I have signed out for the day I don’t even think about work I sign out of my Secure Work Profile and that is that. Long gone are the days of having to answer messages and phone calls from Employees and Upper Management alike on my days off or after finally leaving work following a 12hr shift. Long gone are the days of having to even do those 12hr shifts on my feet the entire time with next to no break in between. Most importantly long gone are the unhelpful pressures to conform to unachievable goals.

Now I know I am still new, still very much in my “Honeymoon” Phase and I am not even out of training and on the account yet which is where people start to find themselves getting fed up, annoyed, and most importantly bored with a job, but I watch what is happening and I like what I see. I am seeing constant positions coming up for New Team Leader Positions as the Company Grows, Meeting people who have been with the company for years, who have already made progress through the account and progressed to Positions of Coach, Deputy Team Leader, Trainer and Team Leader in relatively short periods and often without previous experience in management but simply based on knowledge on the account. All these things are giving me hope, giving me signs that there is an upward trajectory once you are in the account and the company is growing and doing so sustainably promoting from within and rewarding hard work.


So that’s my work life, what about outside of work? Well as I said I am also a Twitch Streamer over at, I spend a lot of time on MsRogue and My Discord and I play games, relax and spend time with my kids.

Been Playing a lot of Raft Recently, It is a really relaxing and chill game to play and its fun for the whole family like this stream where I played with Rex (The Youngest).


Oh Yeah my kids, what amazing news that soon they will be returning to school on March 14th, or at least two of them will be the oldest gets to return for one day and then will go back after Easter. They have so dearly missed their friends and are honestly fed up of each others company now after many many months of only really socialising with each other. Their Education hasn’t be a worry they have still kept up with all work set by the school and have often even done a little more in regards to learning but the social aspect is VERY important for young minds, they need to create those bonds with their peers and understand what does and doesn’t work in society. I wholeheartedly believe going back is the best thing for them.


Well that sums up my ramblings for today, didn’t really plan for it to turn into this, original post title was “A day in the Life of ME” but my thoughts kept flowing and my fingers kept typing and now we are here, with no clear way to end this post other than saying, WOW WTF you still doing here? But also thank you for sticking around and reading my jumbled mess and words, if you want more there will be a part two at some point, keep checking back..

Over and Out!