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Recipe Box Review #1 (Hello Fresh)


I am sure by now you have heard about Hello Fresh, Gousto, Simply Fresh or the various other Recipe Boxes that are out there at the moment in the various different formats that there are. Myself and @TheMsRogue have decided to try a few of them, We ordered a Simply Fresh Box which is still in the cupboard but that works different to the rest as its just the spices and you still need to buy the ingredient individually but then we had a promotion for Hello Fresh so we have decided to try and review them all. First up is Hello Fresh (We will come back to Simply Fresh I guess).


Decent Menu Selection – There is about 30-40 different recipes to select from each week with a variety of different options including but not limited Veggie options, Vegan Options, Quick Meals, Light Meals and Much Much more. We struggled to choose instead of struggling to find one we wanted though this may vary depending on your own tastes.

Eating Fresh Meals – With the worry of shopping for the exact items, portioning and finding a recipe out the way this box makes it a lot easier for you to make that meal at home and to eat fresh on the regular cutting down on that junk food and the want for takeaway. Ultimately saving money.

Everything is Portioned out – The exact portions of things or very close to them is included in each box, this saves you the hassle of having to weight out the portions, saves on waste and just makes the whole process much quicker and easier.

Good Introductory Offers – Many Introductory offers from the website, affiliates and friends and family to entice you to sign up though these are INTRO offers so if you have signed up before you would be unlikely to use them again. As an example I got my First box for free and £10 off the following 3 boxes. Example you can get £20 off your first box using this link -> £20 First Hello Fresh Box with Hello Friends (P.S I get £20 off for each friend that signs up using this code too)

Needs very little in extra ingredients – Oil, Water, Salt & Pepper is about all I have seen as things you are asked to add to the boxes, and they are usually in your kitchen anyway.

Portion sizes are accurate – Meals are filling and a Portion for 3 has actually been feeding 3 of us even with me having a larger than normal appetite.


App Needs a Lot of Work – Though it is very pleasing to the Eye and they have done a lot of things right with the app, there is a lot of aspects that I really didn’t like. When meals cost more it isn’t very clear it could do a lot more at making sure you understand you are picking a meal that will cost you an extra £5.97. Looking at the recipes on your phone defaults to 2 portions even if you are purchasing more this should default to your sub, even if you change this setting clicking out the app and back in changes it back to the default and its not very clear on how to change it.

Can’t pick meals until signed up and paid – This is a minor one but it did pester me that I couldn’t pick my meals before signing up and paying for my first box (Ok I just paid postage) but you could sign up and then find there is nothing on that week that you like (though maybe unlikely based on the large selection) it isn’t a risk I like for a company this large, let people pick before paying.

Changes, Cancelations & Skip Weeks have to be done 4 days in advance – So this did mean I ended up getting a box I didn’t want because I wanted to skip a week but did it 1 day too late and once you have missed this deadline you have no choice but to have the box, nope failing to pay won’t even stop it they WILL send you the box and chase you for payment.

If something goes wrong they give you a Credit – This may sound like a weird con that they give you credits for things going wrong, you may be thinking isn’t that a good thing, Yes except if you have paid for the box and your missing an ingredient that you then have to go out and buy I feel it would make more sense to refund, and that credit can not be used against any boxes that have already got a discount so not real a credit more like a promotion if it can’t be combined right? This did irritate me a little it is however their policy and in all fairness not a lot went wrong we had a burger bun missing and some worchestire sauce which we got a credit for and the first box was slightly damaged in delivery so it may have just fallen out.



All in all I loved having a Recipe box, I am not going to stick with Hello Fresh Quite Yet I want to try the other ones but even at full price 5 meals for 2 people or 4 meals for 3 people is <£42 a week, this may seem like a lot but when you break that down to 10-12 portions that is sub £4 per person much cheaper than take away and you get the recipe cards and the knowledge to keep so there is nothing stopping you buying the ingredients yourself too. That said the convenience of having it all delivered at once on a set day each week and all you need to do is pick your meals (or not if your happy to receive random ones) each week its a really good proposition.

Would I recommend it? Yes but only if you have the time and want to cook, these are not ready meals you just chuck in the oven or microwave you still need to dice, slice, coat, fry the ingredients they still take 20-45min to make a meal, you will need to multitask and you may not like the end result but if you enjoy that experience of trying new things and love to cook but don’t like the trying to shop for all the different ingredients for all the different meals, so you end up with all your cooking tasting the same so you can get through that garlic root you bought then these boxes are for you.

Is Hello Fresh the best? I don’t know yet, subscribe to my blog for updates as once I have tried them all I will compare.

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The world of Crypto, Coinbase & NiceHash

So recently myself and TheMsRogue started putting her PC to work while I was in work and she didn’t have access to her PC. What did this mean? Well we went out and grabbed NiceHash Quick Miner, wacked that on her PC and whenever she isn’t on her PC it runs.

Now this isn’t any super miner and we are not making £100s a day or anything like that, in fact we are making about £15-£30 a week and if you take the extra power draw into account also then you are talking about £10-£20ish a week profit. However that is PROFIT off a PC that would be sitting there doing nothing anyway. Once we have raised this money NiceHash is an exchange and a Wallet but we transfer our money into CoinBase which is an awesome and versatile way to buy, tell, trade and hold your Crypto Portfolio. Even better at the moment they have a few ways to get in total about $60 in free crypto, firstly you can get $10 simply by signing up with the link and depositing $100, secondly if you setup a recurring buy of $50 for 2 months or more you get an additional $5 and lastly if you watch some videos and answer some basic questions about other crypto you get everything from $3 – $10 in that respective currency which you can HODL (the Crypto term for Holding for interest) or you could simply trade into a more well know currency like BitCoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin.

Now let me be clear about Crypto – It is a gamble just like all stocks you can see the value of it drop dramatically out of nowhere and just as quickly as it rose it can fall, also Crypto is not going to make you a millionaire overnight however if you have the resources to set your PC to mine in its off time, and the will to move crypto around a little when you can see the peaks and troughs you can turn that little extra GPU power into a weekly shop once a month or a good night out for the family now and then, or even keep it all saved up for a holiday in a year or saw. The options are endless. With Coinbase there is a small fee for converting (selling) the crypto into a Fiat (£ and $) but it it free to withdraw and the options are endless.

If you do want to give either NiceHash or CoinBase a go I do ask nicely for you to use the links I provided I do get a return either a cash incentive or a % reward however I can honestly say that these recommendations are NOT based upon those rewards at all, my opinion is unskewed by the reward and I am not making a recommendation for you to follow in my footsteps just simply telling you my observations to date.

Cezz – Over and Out.

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Pokémon Go Referral Program

Weather is getting nicer and stay local restrictions are being lifted in the UK, do you want to motivate yourself or your kids to get our more and enjoy the sunshine?

One option that has worked well for our family has been the dreaded Pokémon GO – it’s had some amazing updated since it initial release back in 2016 with hundreds of different pokemon, Team Rocket Grunts and Leaders and much much more…

If you join or return to Pokémon GO using my referral code 3T6XT6HXY, you’ll instantly get 100 Poké Balls, be able to earn special bonus items, and more.

If Pokémon isn’t your thing there is also a Harry Potter game which is very similar for those Wizarding Fans.

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D&D again…

Meet Golau My new D&D character, he will be joining a new campaign tomorrow evening... Updates to follow as and when the campaign depelops.

This weekend will be the start of my second ever game of Dungeons and Dragons and I am super excited, I was estatic before the first game but after a few weeks life got in the way and it became difficult to get everyone together.

This weekend is a new smaller group of people and is the start of a whole new campaign so out goes my Dragonborn Druid Balazar and in comes my new character Golau he is a Tabaxi Warlock with a Patronage to The Genie Efreeti.

Watch this space for more updates as the Campaign grows.

Over and Out

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First Sale for

Random celebratory Post, My amazing wife has recently gone back to her crafty routes but this time instead of making jewellery she is making Epoxy Resin Products and I know I am Biased but they are beautiful.

Recently Sold over at

Why am I celebrating then? Well a few reasons. Firstly it’s amazing seeing my wife happy again doing her crafts, it gives me something to do as I get to design, manage and maintain her store and even more so today she made her first sale and that is a GIANT milestone.

Now this is just the first sale and at this point we are still at a loss from materials that have been purchased Vs the amount sold but it really is a great stepping stone, it’s proven the site works we have got to experience the pathway with PayPal and most importantly it’s made Rogue very very very happy.

I have no investment in this project, if it never makes a profit it doesn’t matter as long as it’s making Rogue happy but money coming back from the items and not drowning in resin bookmarks, dice and bookshelves is definitely a plus.

Want to check out more look through this gallery or even just head over to the store at

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Potato vs Food – Piñatas Reaper Burrito

Even their packaging makes it clear that you probably do not want to do this, Yet I still Did!

What the hell was I thinking? Tonight I decided it would be a smart idea to go and take the Piñatas Carolina Reaper Burrito Challenge. What is this Challenge? Well it is an idiotic task of eating a Burrito filled with Carolina Hot Sauce along with other hot sauces and “other hot stuff” and yes that is how they describe it.

So what does this challenge involve?

Well it’s fairly straight forward, Pick up the Burrito or get it delivered if you live close enough. Open it up and eat it. Oh but wait there is some rules :-

  • No Water (That’s just cheating)
  • No Sharing (Fair enough)
  • Must be eaten in one sitting/session.
  • Film it and Share it on Social Media Tagging Pinatas

Now Firstly, A++ for Presentation here guys, it is spectacular, you open the box and you are presented with a foil wrapped Burrito, with the same Reaper Sticker, some Nacho Chips and a Pot of Sour Cream.

You unwrap the Burrito and tuck yourself into what is going to become clear is torment.

Now my advice if your going to do this is probably don’t live stream it, number of reasons you feel like you need to draw it out a little and you start talking to people which also draws it out. These are BAD Ideas the longer you give this spice to develop in you mouth the more pain you are going to be in, I can tell you that first hand.

Now the very first bite was snappy, More heat than I expected but the next 2-3 didn’t seem as bad as my pallet started to become accustomed to it, but then the talking started and the delaying started and wow that heat built quickly.

By about 1/3 of the way in, I was crying, I was sweating and honest to god my face was hurting. It was a seriously hot Burrito.

Now we must not forget my friends but also enemy the Nacho Chips, I thought these were going to be my friends along with their accompanying dip of Sour Cream, The chips though we’re not plain chips but Doritos Flamin Hot and the Sour Cream was no match for everything else going on.

All in all I sat for 20min and ate a Burrito and people came and watched and laughed at my pain, I cried my nose was running and my face melted yet I still very much enjoyed the experience. Would I do it again – No Thank You. Would I order for the Guys at Pinatas though? Hell yes the food was actually REALLY tasty if it wasn’t so spicy and TheMsRogue really Enjoyed her Create your own Burrito and Churros so the whole experience was a win, if only they were a little closer to us I could see us ordering weekly.

Want to see the torment? Feel free but I warn you there is Plenty of Profanity and it is intended for Mature Audiences only.

And if after all that you for some strange reason still want to go try this challenge head over to Piñatas they are based in Swansea, South Wales.

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A fun night playing Pokémon Go

Wait what is this 2016 all over again? Me, Rogue and the kids spent a night playing Pokémon Go tonight, it’s not the first time we have recently but it really is worth writing a post over just because well it was fun and it was something we got to do together.

Tonights adventure didn’t involve us walking around but instead we drove to a beauty spot, parked up put lures on the pokestops and just sat in each others company enjoying the experience together.

Yes yes I know driving somewhere sort of defeats the point of the original game but I also know that this was a really fun family activity that ended up only costing us some fuel and kept everyone happy for hours.

We shared in the delight of catching a new Pokémon we have never seen before, we all excitedly watched as we did evolves and we shared the wonder when one of us caught a new shiny pokemon.

All in all we had an awesome fun time and we will do it again when the weather isn’t nice enough to go out for a walk and play.

Now back to 2020 after the throwback.

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Discord Integration Mk1

So Mk1 of the Discord Integration should be active which should mean that when I publish this post that is will post details of it to Discord #Announcements Channel for everyone to see.

I may change this integration hence Mk1 because I would like to have a ping group on the server for this sort of content if anyone did want to be notified of new blog posts that way.

For now however I will keep it as this one as long as it works.

Further plans :-

Separate push to discord notification for any sales, reviews or comments.

Watch this space.

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Random Ramblings of a Potato Part 2

New Week and a New Rambling, I am coming into this post with no idea what I am planning on writing about and I hope your cool with that just got some time to play with and wanted to talk to you lovely people.

What have I been working on?

GitHub - owncast/owncast: Take control over your live stream video by  running it yourself. Streaming + chat out of the box.

How about I tell you about some awesome bits of software I have been playing with recently, First and most recent is OwnCast its a nicely built script that allows you to run your own RTMP Video Streaming Server that can take the inbound stream from OBS or any other RTMP streaming app and then broadcast that to a website Style. Its Customisable, Adjustable and honestly much lighter than I expected considering it has to transcode video to multiple different quality figures and broadcast that to multiple “Viewers”. I am expecting to do a test stress of this new server soon and if it is successful I may use it for “Private” streams in the future, for now though you are better finding me on Twitch.

Previous to that it was this exact website, this site is built on WordPress, and since I made my first WordPress website back in 2006 it has REALLY come a long way, it has even come a really leaps and bounds since just a few years ago, Additionally I have fallen in love with WooCommerce and Printify. WooCommerce makes it very easy to run a ecommerce store in your wordpress site, with control over pricing, shipping, vouchers and much much more. Printify allows you to have drop shipped merchandise without any risk of holding stock etc, even better Printify integrates beautifully with WooCommerce with all items syncing across including images, descriptions, pricing and even shipping costs really taking all the stress out of starting a web store.

Download Linode Logo in SVG Vector or PNG File Format -

Lastly is less software and much more a service and that is Linode, Linode are the hosting provider for many of my servers (Though I have on with another company) and Linode are not the cheapest provider out there, this is for a reason though, their quality of service is outstanding, I have never had unexpected downtime with them, when there is extended maintenance planned as there is on one of my servers later this month, they migrate you to a server that isn’t going to be down and get you back up ASAP! Their one click apps allows you to spin up some pre-configured websites in a flash and honestly their customer service has been amazing.

What is coming up?

I have some more streams planned, Raft with TheMsRogue has been great, and I think I am going to make Friday nights my Jackbox Party Pack Nights. I am often up late on Fridays to watch LTT WAN Show so I will try and start my Jackbox nights a little later and run them until WAN Starts.

I am going to continue working on this website I have some more Merch Designs being commissioned now so they should be up on the site soon.

As Mentioned above we will be doing a stress test on the OwnCast Installation.

Updates from last post?

Work is still great, my systems are working and I get to get fully hands on with everything. Excited for moving out of training next week and dealing with real calls.

Kids are Excited for next week when they get to go back to school and meeting their friends.

Rogue is great.

And I am Done with this post. Can’t believe you read another one, can I recommend you speak to someone about this!


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Random Ramblings of a Potato Part 1

Twitch Logo

Welcome back to my site, most of you coming here will know me already but let me give myself a quick introduction anyway. My name is Ceri but people pronounce that wrong all the time so I went with Cezz which people also pronounce wrong ALL the time. If you are wondering I am Welsh so the C is said like a K, Think Kerry and Kez not Seri and Says…

I am a Twitch Streamer, a Father of 3 and a Husband to the quite amazing TheMsRogue, I also work full time at home as a Member Services Rep. This job is fairly recent for me starting in February of 2021, for the past Decade I have been in Hospitality and Management, both in Restaurant and Takeaway Environments so a switch back to the sedentary lifestyle of office work has been a bit of a shock and the aspect of being at home… well that has been really strange.

New Job

As I am writing this I am still in my initial 10 weeks training period and that consists of Monday – Friday 9-5 with an hour lunch and 2 x 15min breaks, so my day to day routine at the moment is pretty fixed, I wake at 8am, get myself ready for work, take the very long commute down the stairs to my office where I open the curtains for some fresh sunlight, get myself comfy and get all my systems up and running. About 10:30am I get my first break and by then the rest of the house is also awake, I leave my office to an amazing breakfast made by the Beautiful Ms Rogue and get to see the whole family for 15min. Lunch is a similar routine but this time I get an hour, the first week or two just felt too long but as things have settled I am realising its just right with us often able to pop out to the shops, go for a walk or even take a risky danger nap.

A male and female side silhouette positioned back to back, overlaid with various sized words related to the topic of mental health and depression.

My mental health has never been better than it is now, I am not stressed about going to work, when I am on lunch or break or after I have signed out for the day I don’t even think about work I sign out of my Secure Work Profile and that is that. Long gone are the days of having to answer messages and phone calls from Employees and Upper Management alike on my days off or after finally leaving work following a 12hr shift. Long gone are the days of having to even do those 12hr shifts on my feet the entire time with next to no break in between. Most importantly long gone are the unhelpful pressures to conform to unachievable goals.

Now I know I am still new, still very much in my “Honeymoon” Phase and I am not even out of training and on the account yet which is where people start to find themselves getting fed up, annoyed, and most importantly bored with a job, but I watch what is happening and I like what I see. I am seeing constant positions coming up for New Team Leader Positions as the Company Grows, Meeting people who have been with the company for years, who have already made progress through the account and progressed to Positions of Coach, Deputy Team Leader, Trainer and Team Leader in relatively short periods and often without previous experience in management but simply based on knowledge on the account. All these things are giving me hope, giving me signs that there is an upward trajectory once you are in the account and the company is growing and doing so sustainably promoting from within and rewarding hard work.


So that’s my work life, what about outside of work? Well as I said I am also a Twitch Streamer over at, I spend a lot of time on MsRogue and My Discord and I play games, relax and spend time with my kids.

Been Playing a lot of Raft Recently, It is a really relaxing and chill game to play and its fun for the whole family like this stream where I played with Rex (The Youngest).


Oh Yeah my kids, what amazing news that soon they will be returning to school on March 14th, or at least two of them will be the oldest gets to return for one day and then will go back after Easter. They have so dearly missed their friends and are honestly fed up of each others company now after many many months of only really socialising with each other. Their Education hasn’t be a worry they have still kept up with all work set by the school and have often even done a little more in regards to learning but the social aspect is VERY important for young minds, they need to create those bonds with their peers and understand what does and doesn’t work in society. I wholeheartedly believe going back is the best thing for them.


Well that sums up my ramblings for today, didn’t really plan for it to turn into this, original post title was “A day in the Life of ME” but my thoughts kept flowing and my fingers kept typing and now we are here, with no clear way to end this post other than saying, WOW WTF you still doing here? But also thank you for sticking around and reading my jumbled mess and words, if you want more there will be a part two at some point, keep checking back..

Over and Out!