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A fun night playing Pokémon Go

Wait what is this 2016 all over again? Me, Rogue and the kids spent a night playing Pokémon Go tonight, it’s not the first time we have recently but it really is worth writing a post over just because well it was fun and it was something we got to do together.

Tonights adventure didn’t involve us walking around but instead we drove to a beauty spot, parked up put lures on the pokestops and just sat in each others company enjoying the experience together.

Yes yes I know driving somewhere sort of defeats the point of the original game but I also know that this was a really fun family activity that ended up only costing us some fuel and kept everyone happy for hours.

We shared in the delight of catching a new Pokémon we have never seen before, we all excitedly watched as we did evolves and we shared the wonder when one of us caught a new shiny pokemon.

All in all we had an awesome fun time and we will do it again when the weather isn’t nice enough to go out for a walk and play.

Now back to 2020 after the throwback.

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  1. Perfect chill night after work and the kids loved something that wasn’t work or in house related.

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