Funko Awards 2018 | The Best,Worst and Future

Funko Awards 2018 | The Best,Worst and Future

For the fourth year in a row we return with a look back at Funko in 2018. Who will win best in show? Who will hold the coveted "worst POP" declaration? What do we want to see Funko do in the future…or stop doing? Find out in this special 35 minute episode!

1.) Best New POP series of 2018 (00:46)
2.) Best/Worst Movie Moment (02:24)
3.) Best/Worst Chase (04:54)
4.) Best and Worst Non-POP item (08:53)
5.) Best Funko Shop item (11:41)
6.) Best Con item (14:10)
7.) Worst individual POP design (16:58)
8.) Best individual POP design (21:09)
9.) Likes/dislikes about Funko in 2018 (23:57)
10.) What we want to see in 2019 (27:54)

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