Agent 47 Teaches Eliminating Elusive Targets – Mastermind (Nerdist Presents)

Agent 47 Teaches Eliminating Elusive Targets – Mastermind (Nerdist Presents)

In this Masterclass parody, the most dangerous assassin alive, Agent 47 teaches you about the topics he knows best: concealment, lethal objects, and handling high stakes targets. An iron? A pen? A fish? Agent 47 can make the world his weapon in this Nerdist Presents!

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Mike Estes as Agent 47
Narration by Helen Sadler
Benjamin Alexander as Student 1/Stunt Coordinator
Geran Simpson as Student 2/Stunt Performer
Geo Lee as Student 3
Jackie Johnson as Student 4
Sammy Cantu as Student 5
Ty Brenneman as Student 6
Tyrone Brittingham as Student 7
Casey Cathcart as Student 8
Andrew Dibartolomeo as Student 9

Directed by Andrew Bowser
Produced by Jason Nguyen
Associate Producer Erik Kozura
Written by Joan Ford
Titles/Edited by Matt Caron
VFX by Tim Herrold

Director of Photography Dan Alderstein
‘B’ Camera Operator Daniel Schadé
‘A’ Cam 1st AC Jonathan Helms
‘B’ Cam 1st AC Stephanie Saathoff
2nd AC Mariela Ferrer
Gaffer Will Elder
BBE Ryan Janeson
Key Grip Nicholas Deane
BBG Aram Martirosyan
Production Sound Charlie Mead
Production Designer Mitch Thompson
Art Director Adam Nungester
Lead HMU Cici Andersen
HMU Assist Edwin Monzon
Wardrobe Stylist Christina Bushner
Wardrobe Assist Morgan Thompson
Set Photography Josh Thomas
Production Coordinator Katy Hampton
Key Set PA Zac York
PA Jordan Rockower
PA Austin Davis
PA Amanda Lac

Filmed at Remmet Studios

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